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I turned the front of my vessel. A lovely plank of rippled ash running to the blonde sapwood on one side. It is about a metre in length by 400. I drew on a pattern of arc and radians. Carved a pattern of vee chevrons over the next few days. Tried to turn the back off, but the wood had twisted and turning had changed from tricky to silly. 0ne metre of wood on the faceplate comes past slowly. Thock, thock,thock. I took it off and planed it to form. Went through the grades of abrasive, filled the screwholes, fussed the face a bit more and a coat or four of oil. A clear evening, so it was down to the industrial estate with a broom and a camera to take some photos. Please visit my new web site on nickbarberton.com.


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Carving a doorway

I have been lucky,

I have been asked to carve one of my patterns on a doorway for a house near Lymington. The patrons had seen another door that I had carved and wanted more. This is an overall pattern and will give a texture and excitement to the front of the house. There was some hold up while they found a joiner to make the door and surround and I could complete a chair and then a shelving system. Then it arrived eight foot by ten foot of Framework and a door and two panels. This fitted in my double doors and onto the framework that I had assembled over my combination machine. I rigged up long trammels that arced from more or less where I had them in my drawing and traced arcs across the doorway. Michelle and Mark seemed pleased and were happy to let me chop into their investment. Now six weeks later I have carved the two side panels and am working on the door. I have tennis elbow and have to take frequent breaks when my arm seizes up. It excites me and is looking great. The end is in sight but I don’t want to carve this size area for ar least a year.


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