Praktis at Bury Court Barn

af-2-2At last it has happened. We have had our long awaited exhibition at Bury Court near Bentley. Syann, Alison and Julie were organising it, so I have been watching the Ideas, the Graphics, the selection etc all happening.
It had been named Praktis to get a graphic style out so that in the future they will have something to build on.
Bury Court Barn within its landscaped gardens is pure eye candy. They selected a first rate group of craft people to take part. I feel honoured to be among their number.
I blithely agreed to sort out backing for the walls to hang Deirdre’s weavings , my carvings and whatever else on the walls. I ordered several white painted boards, cut lathes to hold them, cord to hang them and spent the first setting up day doing just that.
We somehow got set up in time for the opening at 10 am. on the Thursday going through to the ‘ Meet the Makers’ with nibbles and wine at 6pm through to 8.30 when we collapsed into the car and Syann drove me home.
Hey a good four days. We sold enough, Talked to clients and other exhibiters, enjoyed the garden and the Cafe. Chucked everything into the car and returned home late in Sunday night, pulling the arrows off the hedges on our way back.

Bury Court ex


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