Art in Action has come round again. Possibly for the last time, but it does give us a chance to dwell on what a fantastic event it is. Lots of Art, crafts and performance held in a fantastic gardens in the middle of England in the middle of Summer.
I have spent three years in the market and now was demonstrating in the Woodwork tent. 7.5 x 2.5 metres of space to show in compared to the 3 x 1 metres of the market. Syann came along to help sell and wrap while I carved a simple pattern across a wild grained piece of walnut.
We were camping as usual. Fortunately the weather was fine with no mud. We were fed lunch and supper and plied tea, coffee and juice. 7000 people a day is a lot. Most of them asked if that was walnut. We took the trailer, made packing simpler. Previous years have had the roof rack packed with display tables taped up to keep the rain out.
So what is different? The larger space gave me more of a Gallery feel. Being in the woodworking demonstrators tent added gravitas and so all the people that flattered me and walked on, bought!
Chair, music stand, several larger wall panels and even all my tops sold. It sure helps repacking to come home when half the stock is gone.
The bring down is next craft fair when I set up, talk to the people for 3 days and bring it all back home again. Now I must make some more stock!DSC04082



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  1. Sounds great Nick, glad you did so well….miss that event.

  2. nickbarberton

    Thanks Michael!

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