Every once in a while something new happens.
My little girl was getting married. Sometime in the future, after Art in Action. Phew! I couldn’t handle both on the same weekend. I packed all the stock into the attic, carefully around the growing mound of delivered and borrowed goods on the two long planks of Sycamore on trestles for my next job.
I had to make a Chuppah. quick assembly in the woods if the weather be good. in the hall if not. Hazel verticals with a fork and the horizontals wired on to make L shapes and I would wire together on site. This is to represent an house. muslin overhead so that god could bless the union. ( I hope he is not too miffed about six year old Isaac and 3 year old Rosie) I compose a speech. Shortish and gently witty (I think)
Then the guests appear. Syanns sisters, one with daughter and the other with partner, from south Africa at airport. My sister from Station. Then Zan and Scott and the children in our room. It is hard to go to the loo in the middle of the night with little bodies all over the floor. They migrate from the corners to the middle.
Preparation starts in earnest. Chef Tim is in tent at the bottom of Garden. Preparing food in kitchens of two village halls. Bell tent in top garden. Small marquee in bottom garden. Scotts uncle Martin in tent next to house. He soon moves it down to next to small marquee. Flowers being prepared in hall. Thanks Maresie and helpers. Large marquee gets erected next to hall. this offends hall management because it is half a day early and not where the had the last one. Syann and Zan apply magic. The great day. After the non stop pouring rain of Friday, Jehovah relents and the sun appears. Martin and I take Chuppah up and start assembly. As soon as it gets to the tricky part (tieing flimsy 4 metre L shapes together ) Martin leaves to sort out his drum, so I find more technology and my ever reliable wife. We wire it together and fit guy ropes, muslin and bunting. Down to the house into Tuxedo and we are off to the registry office for civil ceremony. Zan and Scott with Hilary (Scotts Mum) his sister and their side of family. Us as late as possible (not difficult) with Isaac and Rosie.Z&S-247  Z&S-290
Back to the house. Zan prepares for wedding in the woods. I am doing finals on Chuppah. Guests appear as I finish off. Down to wait for Zan and bridesmaids. It is normal for the bride to be late they say. Not one hour late I say. Into the car, up the lane, past the cricket pitch to the gate. I take her arm and we walk into the woods and the Chuppah. The ceremony can begin. Scott is waiting. (hey everyone is waiting!) He walks round her three times. She walks round him three times. The celebrant is excellent. The wrote out the service themselves. Hilary sings three Hebrew blessings and repeats them in English for those of us not fluent in Hebrew. At the end of the service Zan and Scott walk off into the woods to consumate the wedding. Rosie is not happy with this (doesn’t want another sibling?) but the world is full of people to distract pretty three year olds and soon we are out on the green quaffing Champagne and posing for photos. I load up the empty glasses when everyone drifts down to the hall because I have a car there                                                                      .Z&S-384
They have thought of everything. Child minders, space hoppers, Lego tent. Juice, booze and people for the adults to talk to. I do not know where the afternoon went, but we are being arranged at the tables and the brilliant food (thanks Tim) is being served. I give my shortish and gently witty speech. Scott’s is longer. He forgives her for stamping on the glass first. Soon we are in the hall dancing to the excellent band. Scott’s friends from east London. by the time the second band takes over, the noise is too much and we slope quietly home where child minder Louise has put Isaac and Rosie down in our room and we take over duties and go to bed, getting up briefly to dampen the after party around 3am.
The next morning and I go up in the rain to dismantle Chuppah and clear up debris, muslin, bunting, stapled wedding signs. I got friendly greetings from dog walkers so all is well. The day was spent clearing up, finding hidden glasses, sharing the left overs with the many people here. Monday and the weather was better. I took down five tents and unpacked the two that campers had packed away sodden, so they could dry. Transported straw bales to our front lawn where the children could play on them till we could work out what to do with them. Tuesday returned small marquee and Scotts hoodie and dark glasses to lender and rented sound system to renter in Bournemouth. Clips missing so he must charge us for replacement legs. I found one missing clip. Buzz it down on motorbike, take away leg he wants to charge us for and make a clip. We return borrowed things to friends. Hilary collects kids and takes them to Devon. We put sisters on plane. Where is Scott’s hoodie and glasses. Chris from sound system left clips on leg. Collect hoodie and glasses again and return repaired leg with made clip and cable clips complete and request to refund Scott. Tom and Tina collect straw bales. Phew, Alone for one night before Lou and Becky return.
Now I can get back to work


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