Sycamore Captains Chair

My captains chairs have been selling well. Three shows still ahead of me again, so I must make another. I had some nice 60mm rippled sycamore. It is worth making a change from walnut. Craft fairs are performing art and when the same people come round and it seems as if I am hawking the same things as last year, a golden chair does make a difference. I laminated the curved backrest from the outer edges of the plank where the ripple is most pronounced and with the shaping of the backrest getting it to the medullary rays where the ripple is most pSycamore Chairronounced. My plank was wide and I could cut the seat from one piece of wood. Each time I make one of these chairs carving the seat becomes a new creative experience. (This sounds too new age, I might re-write it later) Sycamore does not split easily so I can hollow it down till 20mm is left. This gives me a deeper carved seat, a greater feeling of luxury to justify the price. The 60 mm wood allows me to have larger fillets on the joints. Here is a pic taken yesterday evening at the industrial estate just before sunset. That is me feeling happier about  Art in Action  16th. to 19th July 2015. Rums Eg Romsey Dovetail Exhibition 2nd August 2015, leaving early for: Pond House Studio Lewes 22nd, 23rd, August 2015 Made London 22nd to 26th October 2015


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