Walnut Salad bowl

I am making a large salad bowl. Bigger than any dry wood I can access and bigger than my beloved bandsaw that speeds so much of my work. I got Martin to cut me a large baulk from a walnut log. He loaded it onto the trailer with an hydraulic hoist, so I only had to deal with the weight when I got home.


I cut it to length on the trailer and drove it as close to the workshop as possible before moving it onto the sack truck and bringing it inside. I fabricated  a gymbal to carry the arbotech and cut a curve on the top. A bit crude and inaccurate, but it worked. To hollow out the inside I made a fence. I felt that I should rebuild the gymbal to a higher standard, but mucked on regardless. It was getting to the point that I could move it without levers.


Then I cut excess off the base with the chainsaw. The arbotech was slower but did not gas me out of the workshop. Monday evening it weighed in at 40 kg. I refined the shape with the arbotech and then the 35 grit disc inside and out and by Tuesday evening it was down to 27kg. I drew a pattern on it and started carving. Wednesday evening I had rough carved the pattern and slimmed the outside and it was down to 23kg. back to carving tomorrowImageImageImage



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3 responses to “Walnut Salad bowl

  1. It looks like you’re making a dug-out canoe! It looks fab – do post photos when it’s done. Is it a commission then or for one of your exhibitions?

  2. Joe Hague

    Lovely work Nick!

    I came across your sight through Zan, and thought you might be interested in a boating project that my father Jonny Nance set up down in St Ives.


    Best wishes


  3. Zan posted a link to this on Facebook and WOW! I am loving your beautiful wooden creations. Simply stunning 🙂

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