Carving a doorway

I have been lucky,

I have been asked to carve one of my patterns on a doorway for a house near Lymington. The patrons had seen another door that I had carved and wanted more. This is an overall pattern and will give a texture and excitement to the front of the house. There was some hold up while they found a joiner to make the door and surround and I could complete a chair and then a shelving system. Then it arrived eight foot by ten foot of Framework and a door and two panels. This fitted in my double doors and onto the framework that I had assembled over my combination machine. I rigged up long trammels that arced from more or less where I had them in my drawing and traced arcs across the doorway. Michelle and Mark seemed pleased and were happy to let me chop into their investment. Now six weeks later I have carved the two side panels and am working on the door. I have tennis elbow and have to take frequent breaks when my arm seizes up. It excites me and is looking great. The end is in sight but I don’t want to carve this size area for ar least a year.



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2 responses to “Carving a doorway

  1. This looks absolutely fantastic, nice work!

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