My daughter Zan has set me up with this blog site.

I live a simple life. I hit blunt things on sharp things to try and make wood prettier. When I am successful I sell them, unsuccessful they keep us warm. Computers are one of the necessary evils of the 21st century, so here goes. I will probably gain direction and style.

Workwise. I am exhibiting at Manchester Craft and Design Centre 15th August to 31st October. Kelda may put one of my pieces into the Wesley Barrel shop window. Thank You Kelda. Thank you Wesley Barrel. Around the middle of September the Craft Study Centre will come and choose one of my pieces for their next exhibition. The best of what is on offer for Origin at Somerset House in October, the post summer selling exhibition. Harry and Harry brought me some fresh walnut. It is not what they said it was, but the wood is pretty and has potential. I will have to use it before Origin.


We have a Grandson. Zan is balancing freelance work with raising Isaac. Syann has rushed to Johannesburg to be with her Mother when she died. Cath Fauell was 90 and will not easily be forgotton.

I anticipated no work after Christmas and decided to build a boat. Passions and hobbies do not obey rules and I am nearly finished and will have a launching in early September of my Ness Yawl.walnut


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